HydroPlex - 1/2 litre

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The HydroPlex water treatment contains a number of ingredients that have been approved by the Unites States Food and Drug Administration for over the counter sales.

These ingredients include preservatives used for eye makeup, lipstick, lotions, etc., as well as antibacterials used in handsoaps and shampoos (e.g. for dandruff). HydroPlex also includes compounds effective for the control of yeast and fungal (e.g. athletes foot) problems.

Due to this combination of ingredients HydroPlex is a water treatment that is effective for the control of harmful bacteria, ciliated (e.g., “ich”) and flagellated (e.g. “marine velvet”) protozoa, infectious fungi and algae, and other parasitic organisms affecting fish and other aquatic species.

HydroPlex was made possible by the development of a proprietary chemical matrix that provides for the isolation -- and elimination of cross reaction between -- the active ingredients.